Nicotine Pouches and Snus (Snuff)

Today, innovation has improved in this sector as well as in many other fields. The demand of people has increased more and more in nicotine pouches style products. It has become a popular product especially for those who want to quit smoking. So what are the differences between nicotine pouches and Snus (Snuff). Before we talk about them, let's talk about what they are and their history.

It starts in 1492 when Columbus found his tobacco in Cuba. From there, he moved to Europe, in 1724, he appointed King Fredrik's Swedish people to grow tobacco, thus being considered indispensable for Swedish society. In the 1700s, tobacco was grown in 72 Swedish and 12 Finnish towns. When competition in international tobacco imports increased, the last commercial tobacco producers ended in 1964. Snus became popular in the 19th century and was generally used by the nobility in the 18th century. At that time he was withdrawing from the nose, over time, the snus changed and turned into a mixture in the mouth. With this change, Snus gained a different social class. Now it has started to be liked by the working class.

In the 19th century, snus production turned into a profitable business idea for many tobacco producers, and its demand increased constantly. After the First World War, Swedish Snus consumption reached its highest level in 1919. Shortly after the tobacco monopoly ended, Svenska Tobaks launched the round box we associated with snus. Thus, snus was accepted by a wider audience and became a product used for people of all classes. As a result, there was a period in the 1970s when snus increased. The first flavored snus was introduced in the 1980s. Today, more than a million Swedes regularly use snus. But outside of Sweden, it has also become highly valid. Especially in the USA and Norway, it is very popular.

Nicotine pouches are a completely tobacco-free product. Tobacco is removed from the tobacco leaves of nicotine by an advanced heating process. Apart from tobacco, there are also nicotine pouches that are very similar to white tobacco pouches. Nicotine pouches, of course, contain nicotine, but instead of tobacco they contain some kind of plant fiber. It feels just like normal snus on the lip, but these are products that do not contain tobacco. These products are very easy to use. You can find our article on how to use it here. These products are also white before use, during and after use. Another factor that plays a decisive role in the growing popularity of nicotine pouches is that it eliminates the risk of staining your teeth. We can divide nicotine pouches into two types: dry and moist. ZYN can be given as an example to both moist products and dry products. These nicotine pouches can have many varieties from low level to high level. You can try these wonderful products with many flavors in the following flavors: Licorice, Spearmint, Coffee, Citrus, Espressino, et al.

Many users say that nicotine pouches are a better alternative to nicotine gums. For this reason, it is preferred by many people who want to quit smoking. The main advantage of nicotine pouch is that the same amount of nicotine can be consumed without exposing it to carbon monoxide, which has a high risk of lung cancer.

If you want to try Nicotine Pouches, you can look at the types and order quickly from this page where many users shop safely. We offer next day delivery for Finland. We deliver to other parts of Europe within 3 days at most.

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