How to Use?

Remove one Nicotine Pouches from the box and place the Nicotine Pouches you removed under your upper lip, that is, between the gum and your cheek, and start enjoying. Slow release of nicotine and flavors will give you a pleasant effect. Depending on the brand and depending on how intense flavor you do not contain water and are therefore called dry. This means that the saliva will take a little longer, as they have to do the pouch moistening job.

You do not need to suck or chew the pouches, it is absorbed by your gum. Your teeth will not be stained as there is no tobacco. At the same time, you will not be exposed to bad smell and smoke. You can enjoy it at any time. Most of the products we sell are damp. Thus, when you place the Nicotine Pouches under your lip, it will immediately give taste and nicotine.

The pouch is made of natural fiber and contains a chew-based filler, as well as various flavors that make up Nicotine Pouch, flavors vary depending on the brand. Various plants are used as fillers. It is usually cellulose and plant fiber, like bamboo and pine. When you're done, you can throw the pouch into the trash.

Small pouches are used like chewing tobacco, but the contents of the pouch remain inside the pouches during use, so the user does not need to spit. It should also not be swallowed. If you accidentally swallow a bag and feel unwell, seek medical advice. Nicotine Pouches are shelf-resistant and do not need cooling. It should be stored in its original packaging in a dry and well-ventilated room at room temperature. The shelf life of Nicotine Pouches is up to 16 months. The product does not worsen after the expiration date, but its effect and taste may weaken. Women should refrain from using Nicotine Pouches or taking any nicotine while pregnant or breastfeeding. This product is used by adults and nicotine consumers who are 18 years and older. You can use it in places where smoking is prohibited. If you want to try these products, take a look at our website and buy your favorites.

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