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To Know



Delivery will be made within 3 days unless it is stated at the order that delivery time is longer.  Saturdays and Sundays are not counting days therefore not been calculated in delivery time. 

It is your responsibility to settle the shipment at the place of delivery within the time specified on your mail. Niccopouches does not replace packages that have not been collected or received. We do not repay money for unreleased packages. ​

When you make your order, the checkout shows which delivery method is applicable. It is your responsibility to ensure that the address you entered at the time of purchase is correct. 

Customers in Finland, cannot order an amount that would exceed a personal usage amount during 3 months (daily amount calculated is 96 mg)


Refund & Exchange

A cancellation is not valid until you have received confirmation from us. You can cancel your order free of charge for you until the order has been effected. 

If you received a damaged product or if we have sent an incorrect product, you must advertise the product as soon as possible and within 10 days after you discovered or should have detected the error.

The damaged or incorrectly shipped item should be returned in the same packaging and with the same carrier as it was received, together with a detailed description of the error.

In such case, you should advertise via our website or mail to us from contact us section.

If we can not ship a new item to you within a reasonable period of time, we will refund your return shipping, as well as what you have paid for the damaged or incorrectly shipped item.

Compatibility problems often occur between different products, and we therefore recommend that you find out as much as possible before making your order to avoid unnecessary costs.


Privacy & Security



All the information you have entered to become a member of our website will not be shared by our company with 3rd party companies or persons.


Our company may send campaign information, information about new products and promotional information to its customers and members in some periods. Our members can make all kinds of choices about whether or not to receive such information and become a member, and after that they can be changed from the account information section.



Our company is keeping the security of the credit card holders who make purchases from our shopping website in the first place. Your credit card information does not reach our company in any way and is not stored.



There are two things you need to pay attention to to understand that you are on a secure site when you are in the process. One of them is a key or a lock icon on the bottom line of your browser. This indicates that you are on a secure web page and all of your information is encrypted. This information is used only in the direction of the instructions you provide and the process of selling. Information about the credit card used during the shopping is independently encrypted from our shopping sites and transmitted to the bank with a 128-bit SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer). If the card availability is approved can be sustained for shopping. Since no information about the card can be displayed and saved by us, third parties are prevented from acquiring this information under any circumstances.


The reliability of payment / invoice / delivery address information of orders placed online with credit card is audited by our company against Credit Card Fraud. In order to check this information, the credit card holder is contacted with the customer or the related bank.